• Image of team plastic GIRLS V-NECK
  • Image of team plastic GIRLS V-NECK

Do you like to wear makeup? False Lashes? Extensions? It might make you feel better, confident, beautiful, strong, powerful, ect. But some people always have something to say..like a smart ass remark or think it takes away from your natural beauty....Who cares! Its what makes you feel good about yourself & It makes you happy and that means you are a more confident you! If women want to go get cosmetic surgery..let them be!! Why do you need to talk down about someone because they like to do or look different than you..Its none of anyone elses business but yourself! Everyone is different & feels beautiful in different ways..whatever that way is EMBRACE IT!! Be different! Be daring! Be You! THATS WHAT TEAM PLASTIC IS ALL ABOUT! Enjoy :).... ♥

4.3 oz 100% Deluxe combed ring-spun Cotton. This v-neck offers a soft feel, fitted body, perfect for any occasion. Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage.

NOTE: Small is currently SOLD OUT.

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